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Specialty metals for Oil & Gas

About Us

About Us

A Leading Supplier

ESS is a leading supplier of specialty metals to the global oil and gas industry.

Our core products range from low alloys to stainless steels and nickel alloys in the form of bar, hollow bored bar, pipe and tubing.

We are a metal management supplier of complex materials used in downhole completions, drilling and production. Out comprehensive warehousing and distributions facilities backed by processing services including heat treatment, testing and semi-finished machining through trepanning, drilling and deep boring.

Our goal is to be highly competitive, offering 'total cost of supply' solutions and taking cost out through 'net form supply'. Extensive stocks specifically selected meet international quality standards and global industry requirements.


We bring strong combination of products, services and capabilities to a wide spectrum of the global oil and gas industry making us a powerful single source of supply.

ISO 9001 (LRQA) 0928260
Non-Destructive testing
ASNT NDE Level I, II & PCN Level III

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Special Alloy Steels

AISI 4140

AISI 4145

AISI 4330

AISI 4340

Stainless Steels & Super Duplex

AISI 410

AISI 420

Super 13% CR

17/4 ST

UNS 31803 F51

UNS 32760 F55

316 Stainless


L80 Tube

P110 Tube

Q125 Tube

Nickel Alloys
(in accordance with API 6ACRA's)




Choose Us

Choose Us
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Oil / Gas Downhole and Valve Industry Products

Choosing the right supply partner is essential. ESS, through its extensive inventories and considerable experience overcome supply difficulties to provide a smooth, reliable and highly competitive service.

As a revitalised and expanding company, ESS is a specialist supplier with core products specifically for the oil and gas and value industry.

Established for over 30 years, we make it our business to learn as much as we can about your business, that way, we are able to help mirror supply against your forecasts.

We do this intelligently, with information which lets our teams work better together to support your end market. Working closely, we invest and innovate with one objective in mind - to focus our energies on growing your revenues.

We have the ability to introduce material solutions and offer valuable expertise in providing an extensive range of raw material and semi-finished downhole products.



Health, Safety and Environmental
(HSE) and Quality Assurance

Our mission is to deliver world-class, industry leading value, service and quality, underpinned by stringent health, safety and environmental standards.

Third party inspection and independent accreditation bodies provide a constant
monitoring of quality and control so that we can adjust our capabilities to meet changing conditions and ensure product integrity.

Continually striving to exceed industry expectations on quality and service complying to ISO 9001 and continuous improvement principles.

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